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June 19, 2006

This is just a quick demonstration of the superior resolution on compared to Google Earth (certainly for parts of Scotland…there are plenty of areas where Google Earth has a higher resolution).

There’s a real post on its way… it’ll be here soon…

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  1. October 19, 2006 7:45 am

    Cool! Thanks for the tip. Ihaven’t looked at the Microsoft Virtual Earth before. I looks good. Nice to see a hi res Alloa for a change. Whether a hi res view of Alloa is desirable is another question 😉

  2. October 19, 2006 9:07 am

    Tell me about it… I used to live in Stirling and a band I played in practiced in Alloa. It’s not been the same since they demolished the brewery!

    Incidentally, IE7 has been released and is quite good. If you start using it, there are a number of good extensions for it which will allow you to incorporate LiveWriter and the maps…


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