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moodle aargh!

July 19, 2006

I’ve been trying to get moodle running on my laptop. It’s frustrating because there is a fault in the installer, and my limited skills aren’t up to applying the fix outlined in the help forums. The problem appears to reside in the Tongan and Samoan install packs… but the fix requires much more knowledge than I have (at the moment).

It’s frustrating, and dare I say it, unforgiveable, that such a highly regarded programme that is being exalted for its ease of use should have a fatal flaw in the install, and that this flaw has been evident for a wee while and gone unfixed.

I appreciate that fixing these things is time consuming, but I would have thougt it would make more sense to wothdraw the ‘broken’ installer until it is fixed. Especially if there is an earlier one that works… but what do I know! 😉

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