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Useful Tools

August 11, 2006


 This is just a quick post about a couple of really useful tools you may not know about.

The first is called ecto, and it is an offline blog editor for Macs and Windows. If you are not online, but still want to write posts for your Blog, this is the tool for you. It’s fairly user-friendly, and the forums are really good if you encounter any problems (I posted a question about synchronising the clocks between my laptop and the server, and one of the developers had it fixed and released a version upgrade within 48 hours!)

Here’s a list of the features for the windows version: 

  • Support for multiple weblogs and servers
  • Support for Blogger‘s Atom API
  • Support for MovableType, TypePad, cocolog, WordPress, Nucleus, Drupal through metaWeblog API and MovableType API
  • Support of all available remote control options of MovableType and TypePad (posting entries with continuation, summary, keywords, multiple categories, trackback, text-formatting, comment options)
  • Intuitive interface for creating and editing weblog entries
  • A Rich Text and an HTML editor with spellchecking and search/replace
  • Quick access toolbar menu with HTML tag templates and keyboard shortcuts (fully modifiable)
  • Advanced create-a-link dialog window
  • Easily change the posting date of entries
  • HTML-rendered preview of entries
  • File and image upload tool (supports image conversion and thumbnail creation)
  • Save settings on a per-blog basis
  • Send notifications by email
  • Post template for saving frequently used post text and formats
  • Insert details of the currently playing songs in WinAmp/WMP9/iTunes (via free plugins) in your entry
  • Embedded debug console to troubleshoot server connection
  • Japanese and French localizations
  • Support for Amazon search
  • ‘Blog This!’ support in FeedDemon 1.10
  • And much more!
  • The second tool is actually an update to Picasa and is called PicasaWeb. It is Google/Picasa’s entry into the flickr market. It doesn’t have as many features as flickr, but it does have a much more user-friendly interface and links seamlessly into the desktop version of Picasa.

    To let you see what it is like, click here, or on the picture of my son: 

    Paul on a picnic!

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