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We live and learn…

August 20, 2006

The first week is in, and I can honestly say it has been a truly mixed bag of highs and lows. Not least is the feeling that I’ve been back for about 6 weeks!

Highs include being asked to make a brief presentation at the council’s Probationer Induction Day about the use of blogs and wikis in education. I realised that there is a place for blogs and wikis in the communication between probationers. They are spread out between all of PKC’s schools, and will not have too many opportunities to get together and chat or discuss the trials and tribulations of their first teaching job. Hopefully, the blog/wiki combination will go some way to giving them a chance to communicate with their peers.

One side benefit (I hope) will be that it could be a forum for discussion between the primary and secondary sectors. Too often we view this division as just that, a division. Can we honestly say that we are monitoring the progress of our pupils when the only contact many of the secondary sector have with their associated primary schools occurs when the Primary 7 reports are passed on in June/August.

The flipside of the week was my misguided attempt to get my challenging 3rd year class to set up their own blogs. Suffice to say it was a bit of a disaster (I’ll go through it in more depth later)… I ended up thinking that pen and paper was a bit too technically challenging for the class… but realised later that it is up to me to pre-empt all the possible problems (I will list the ones I encountered when the beer kicks in ;0) … and to try and keep smiling when everything is going a bit Helen Mirren!

Oh well… 60 jotters to correct and my marking muscles haven’t been used for 6 or 7 weeks… guess who’s in for a late night!

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