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Probationers (…teachers, that is!) Meeting

August 26, 2006

Well, having been really worried about the presentation that I had to give to the PKC Probationers about Blogs, Wikis and RSS, I am delighted to report that it appeared (to me) to have gone well!

I know I spoke too fast at times but I had a lot to say (you try talking about what blogs and wikis and RSS are, launch a dedicated site and wiki for the new teachers, with slides… in 10 minutes!). One surprise was that PKC’s new Education Service Head, Chris Webb, was listening and he said a few kind words to me when I finished. I’m rather glad I didn’t know who he was before I started as I was already nervous enough. Similarly the word I got from other members of the PKC team was encouraging… but…

…the proof of the pudding will be in how many of the probationers actually find the time to make use of the Blog and Wiki I set up for them! I know these could be of immense use and value to the new teachers… not least because PKC is a large (geographically speaking) council, and the probationers are spread across the whole of the council’s schools. Someone teaching in Kinross can post a question/problem, and someone else in Pitlochry might have a solution… or at the very least, they will have a common place to ‘meet’ and chat… I hope.

You are welcome to visit the site (PKC New Teachers) if you want to get an idea of what is happening…

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