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Steve Irwin

September 4, 2006

Steve Irwin Like many people, I knew Steve-o only as the persona he was on TV. He was the stereotypical Aussie… a loud, passionate, in-yer-face, no-nonsense bloke. I remember the first time I saw him on TV was about 8 years ago in a guide to the world’s 10 most deadly snakes, or rather “The World’s 10 MOST DEADLY SNAKES!” I’d been fortunate enought to tape the show, and when I viewed it knew that here was a man to inspire people. Not only did he tell us about the snakes, he actually handled them… without fear, and in a manner guaranteed to have you sitting on the edge of your seat, sure that every second was going to be his last… it wasn’t.

I took the video into school as I was convinced this was something out of the ordinary, and I could use it to spark some writing about the environment or about fear. The pupils I showed it to were as awe-struck at his antics as I was… and came up trumps with folio pieces on snakes, the environment, man vs animals, the nature of fear. There were also some good discussions in the class as to the validity of Steve Irwin’s methods.

I’ve seen any number of tributes to him today on the media but what has surprised me is the number of kids in school who are talking about his death. Here was someone who they had never met, someone who did things they will never do, and who died in the most surreal of ways, yet who obviously touched them in a very real way. It truly is a global village.

Listening to the news, I’ve heard him called crazy, an enthusiast, an environmentalist, passionate about animals, wreckless, careless, Australian, a father, a husband… you name it, I’ve heard lots of people call him lots of things. Yet I believe there was one other thing that Steve Irwin was as well… a teacher.

From my point of view, he made me look at the things I am afraid of in a new light. He taught me about animals I didn’t know about, he made me want to find out more. His passion was conveyed to me in such a way that I wanted to get my pupils as enthusiastic about them as he was… in short, he did what any great teacher does, and what all the rest of us aspire to do… he shared his love for his subject with us and made us want to learn more.

G’day, Mate! 

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  1. andrew klekner permalink
    February 20, 2007 4:45 pm

    to me steve was more than just a man that cared about animals he (is) a hero who gave us a better understanding about the animals that we called befor his teachings (monsters). steve irwin is a hero to me he is my idol im 19 now and i’ve been watching steve and studying his lovable ways ever since i was 5years old there was alway somthing new he taught me my life long goal is work under his teachings and if i can help give the world a better understandind of the other animals and wild life in the world just like steve did steve will always be my hero my biggest dream was to actually meet steve and work by his side. and i know i will still get theat chance when we meet in heaven. to ms.terri irwin god bless you all ways keep your head up for you are not alone. love alway andrew klekner

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