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SETT 06 – Session 1

September 20, 2006

All About Glow

  • Ron Rossvoll – Glow Intranet Manager
  • Jan Pollock – Learning and Teaching Advisor

So, this is it! Glow gets its first open public appearance. My first impressions are that there are an awful lot of ‘black shirts’ around. There’s obviously been a lot of money spent on corporate branding for Glow, and rather than getting into the cynics argument about where the money came from, I’d rather look at it as a sign of just how seriously people are taking the whole project. If we are serious about making Glow the success it could be, then we need to approach it in a suitably professional manner… and if that means using all the corporate tricks in the book to raise awareness then that’s what we should do.

I’ve only got time to write a lot about the shirts because the session is already running about 10 minutes late… we’re in the Gala Suite which is set out to hold about 120 people, and is looking very full… starting at 9:43am.

Ron started by talking about the potential of Glow and pointing out the world-wide interest in the project.

Glow is using established software and hardware, but in innovative ways. ROn then talked about the finacncial investment. Price Waterhouse report said there should be an intranet – SSDN. (Just an aside… the presentation is heading towards ‘death by powerpoint’ territory… multiple fonts and no sense of design!)

Ron finishing with the question of whether Glow is a vehicle for change in education. He pointed out the role of the user and how they will build up their own unique identity and the relationships they create with the wide variety of parts that make up Glow.

Handed over to Jan to demonstrate the Glow Portal…

Demonstrated by ‘logging in as a teacher’. The front page looks a bit ‘LTS’ in style. I’m going over to bullets for speed:

  • Reminders to know where you are
  • LTS links for lesson content (provided by LTS Online Services
  • MIS integration
  • Link to the school site
  • Link to the council – news where you can access it
  • Private storage space


  • Staff area – doocot/news/etc..
  • Custom picture (wasted space?)
  • News – school/authority (specifically for each user)
  • Email notifier
  • Glow Groups – like MSN/Yahoo groups
  • Tracking and profile information – dependent on how the Authority have bought into the service.

There is still a lot of this still to be developed… so…

A quick demo of following an email provided link (Wikipedia) and taking it back to the personal space. Save it and close out.

Sections of the area given to Documents, Address Book (personal, but there will also be a National Directory)

Demonstration of the calendar. There is the ability to ‘interrogate’ and edit/export/add new items.

Demo of the Groups – Local and national groups (and a quick plug for how Glow can feed into ACE)

The Topic Area… has tabbed sections (wiki style) for Noticeboard/Discussions/Documents/About

Back to the groups and a quick look at the memberships of them.

School Site

Accessible to all (parents/pupils/anyone…)

Easily adaptable, and the news/info is different from the teacher’s space.

School admin info for parents (no more soggy notes that parents don’t see… if they’ve got net access)

Contact info – no expectation that teachers’ emails would be there.

School’s Glow groups are available.


A quick demo of the ability to customize Glow.

GLOW SETT Timetable

As per the mail-outs to Glow Mentors.

Back to Ron…

Where are we now? Ron gave a quick overview of where we are.

Piloting of the portal is imminent in 8 Local Authorities.


1 – Who has writes to write to the portal? In essence it is devolved by the permissions set (these will be sliding)

2 – Question about accessibility for specific needs, eg; speech users, or visually impaired. – This is likely to be an issue that will come to light through the piloting. There is some provision built in, and will be worked on as it develops.

3 – Who are the pilot authorities?  – Abdn/West Isles/Dundee City/East Lothian/Renfrewshire/ …can’t type fast enough!!!!! 

4 – Guidance: will there be the possibility that the guidance teacher might be bypassed by Glow? – Basically, no. School management issue and guidelines would be issued.

5 – Timescale for roll-out? – By mid 2007 most of the services will/should be available to all.


And that’s it for session 1! Now, where do I get more of the Glowing pens and one of those black shirts!

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