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Fuerzabruta @ Edinburgh Festival

August 7, 2007

I’ve just posted the following as a comment to the Edinburgh Blog’s review of Fuerzabruta. Given the buzz surrounding the show, I doubt it’ll pass moderation, so in a vain attempt to put forward a different point of view from the usual gushing/pretentious reviews that are following the show, I present it for your consideration. Or maybe I’m missing something? If you go to see the show, please feel free to agree/disagree as you see fit! (You can read the Edinburgh Blog’s review here)

Mmm… I’m not convinced. At that price, I expected more than 50 minutes of technical set-pieces. As an example of staging and fx, it is a technical tour-de-force, but as a piece of theatre I found it sadly lacking.I think my overall impression was mild bemusement. The reason you couldn’t find much symbolism in the show is because there is actually very little of it. The runner showed promise as a symbol, but… if you’ll pardon my image… it didn’t go anywhere!

Maybe I was expecting too much. It is inevitable that a ‘spectacle’ like Fuerzabruta is going to be compared with Cirque de Soleil, and when it is, it’s sadly lacking. I was discussing this with my partner after the show and we came to the conclusion that you leave a show like CdS’s Varekai or Quidam amazed at the skill of the performers, you leave Fuerzabruta thinking ‘I could do that’… and yes, I know that you’d need to be pretty fit to even think about it, but sliding about on a puddle (there really wasn’t as much water as your review implied!) suspended above the audience is the sort of thing my kids do on sheet of plastic in the back garden of a summer’s day.

Don’t get me wrong, despite the show’s brevity and the lack of cohesion, I did enjoy it, but I was left wanting so much more. I think it has the makings of a truly great show, but it needs to be about more than technical set pieces… it needs to be about people.

I have no doubt that this comment will never see the light of day on your blog, not least because I know that the show is the cause celebre of this years’s festival , but I’d like to think that someone will at least read it, and if you do, consider this… Any show whose grand finale consists of 3 people swinging through a polystyrene and cardboard wall on a bit of string has got problems…

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