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It’s A Beautiful Day…

September 19, 2007

There are are countless variations on the old adage, “It is better to travel, than to arrive”, but today that just isn’t true. Here’s why I think that the Scottish Learning Festival is one of the best destinations anywhere…

Sunrise over the River ForthBelieve it or not, it is not the attraction of one or two days away from the classroom that makes the SLF such a great place to be. It is the opportunity to pack an awful lot of learning into a very brief space of time. I’ve got my tickets for both day – actually, I’ve got three as I’ll explain later – and I’m looking forward to being challenged to think at the various sessions I’m booked into. Here’s a quick run-down of my programme for the first day, and you’ll be able to follow my thoughts on my own blog (here) or on the LTS:Connected blog. I also hope to be tweeting regularly if you want to ask questions during the sessions!

Wednesday 19th:
We’re Adopting! An Adoption Strategy for Social Media in Education – Ewan McIntosh with other team members
This is the latest version of the presentation Ewan gave at the Building Learning Communities conference in the States a month or so ago, and judging by the number of other Scottish edubloggers who have indicated they are going, could be the most blogged about/talked about session of the festival! Watch this space, or even better, get Twitter fired up and join in!

Launch Lunch for the LTS: Leadership for Learning Programme
This is a bit of a dark horse for me. About 20 minutes after I was appointed the new PT of English, one of the Senior Leadership Team approached me to ask if I’d like to be one of the school’s representatives. Thinking that this would fill in the remaining 100 or so hours of my CPD programme for the year I said yes… It’s a new programme, so details are sketchy, and as far as I know, I’m the only blogger doing the course, so I’ll try to keep you informed.

Ch4’s In The Wild / Innovations in ICT and Literacies
This is a tough call! I’ve got a ticket for Peter Lanigan’s talk, but it clashes with the Channel 4 fringe meeting in the Science Centre. I know there’ll be plenty of people blogging the Ch4 event, not so sure about the ICT and Literacies session. I might have to make a decision based on the weather!

Stephen Heppell – Keynote
As a long time admirer of Stephen Heppell, I am really looking forward to hearing what he has to say. I first encountered him when I stumbled onto the Media:Lab site and I still think he’s way ahead of the field! As a bonus, I get to have a second session with him on Thursday while wearing my GLOW mentor’s hat (Today I’m wearing my blogging hoodie with a built-in hat).

After Stephen Heppell, it’s a quick dash across the Clyde to the Science Centre for TeachMeet07 – (4th Edition). As Ollie Bray said in the TESS, It’s the best CPD in the world –– so I’m going to do my bit to change that by talking about Bebo! I’d originally put down to talk for 7 minutes, but when I saw how many people are down to speak, and the fascinating range of topics, I decided to change to a 2 minute micro-chat! Anyway, I’d rather hear what the others have to say as I get to hear myself drone on all the time…

Yak & Yack!
Yes, I lose as I’m the first to succumb to the most obvious pun going! The TeachMeeters are moving on to Kublai Khan for some lightly poached alligator and Mars Bar souffle…. (or something equally unlikely!) Conversation and wine will flow as if we didn’t have to get up and do it all again tomorrow!

So, that’s day one for me! I’ll keep posting updates as and when time allows, but I’ll leave the more thoughtful responses until the weekend…

PS: I’ve got three tickets because I registered earlier in the year in my own right, then was sent a ticket as a GLOW mentor, and the third is because of the Leadership for Learning programme. You can find them listed on eBay…. or tweet me if you want one… that would take care of my ICT & Literacy / In The Wild dilemma!

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  1. September 19, 2007 6:31 pm

    Very encouraging to hear there are other supporters of bebo out there in other scottish schools! Having heard your 2 min talk, it looks like we have lot in common, similar attitudes to bebo in the class, its use in combating bullying. Worth noting that its often not the school that blocks bebo, but the authority. When an edict was issued in our authority to block it, I persuaded the head to keep it open. We use it in the class, (I was using it today in fact). I set homework on it. Bebo is a greast tool. Problems happen when we dont get involved, and turn a blind eye!

  2. September 19, 2007 7:00 pm

    Thanks Struan!
    I’ll be posting something more coherent in the next couple of days! I’ve managed to create a massive back-log of posting courtesy of my timetable today…

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