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Shine The Light On…

May 14, 2008

All too often my job as Principal Teacher means I spend a disproportionate time dealing with the disaffected pupils in my department… but not today. Today I’m headed to Channel 4 HQ in London to find out how my school and authority do even more for the exceptional talents sitting in every classroom.

200791854646_Channel_4_Logo.JPGThanks to a recent post by Ewan, and the fact that I’m lucky enough to work in a school that values new ideas and initiatives, I’m in London today to participate in Channel 4 and Creative Partnership‘s Shine The Light On! event. Designed to “…to explore how teachers can spot, cultivate and showcase the brilliant talent that exists in all schools across the country” this one day happening has a real mixed bag panel of people who will hopefully be letting on how to encourage the best pupils in our schools.

At the moment, I’m going through Croydon on the Gatwick Express, so I’ll wait till later to start blogging about the event… stay tuned! (Both here and on Twitter!)

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