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Whit A Boost…

May 20, 2008

An Aberdonian friend of mine is often to be heard uttering the phrase “Whit a boost!” whenever something goes right. Now it seems that someone in America has decided to set up a website to give a much needed boost to pupils nearing the end of their school days.

The concept behind BoostUp is simple… by giving some encouragement it is hoped that they can reduce the 40% of American kids who fail to graduate from High School.


The ‘boosts’ can be delivered through MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, text and email, and there’s a really nice flash screen which will show a symbolic representation of all the ‘boosts’ the pupil has received.


I think the site is a pretty good idea in principle, but I do feel slightly uneasy that they only appear to be encouraging a handful of students (but I may be missing something).

I sometimes wonder if I do enough to ‘boost’ my own pupils… and by extension… if we do enough to encourage all our pupils. Maybe a little bit of encouragement could be enough to direct the kids away from becoming NEETs?

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