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Share #1 Lesson

May 21, 2008

Want to be a better teacher? Want to know what’s really going on? Then you’d better be prepared to share…

funny-picture-cat-fail.jpgDean Shareski has just posted a really interesting presentation about the importance of sharing on Slideshare. As well as giving a great insight into why he shares as much as he does (and it’s a lot!), he also makes a compelling point about professional responsibility. As he says in his excellent voice-over, we are there “…to do more than just teach our own students…”. In the past — and with apologies to any music instrument teachers reading — this might have created nightmare inducing visions of peripatetic teachers being carted from school to school in order to deliver their latest series of lessons. Not any more.

Connected learning means that we can all learn from each other, and more importantly, share with each other. As part of my own drive forward, I’m intending to post most of my lessons online over the next year. I’m hoping that this will force me to be a better teacher, but also it is intended to start a discussion about actual lessons and the mechanics of what I do in my English classroom. The reason for this is simple: I want to make the learning experience for my pupils better and that means asking for advice and help and hints and tips — not doing the typical ‘closing-the-door-and-getting-on-with-it-because-
I’m-an-expert-and-have-nothing- new-to-learn’ that we have all seen…

It’s no secret that lots of teachers don’t share with their colleagues because they feel that the materials aren’t good enough… I’ve felt it often enough myself, but as so many people have said, we have to be prepared to fail if we are going to move forward…

It goes back to another of Shareski’s points. As teachers, we stress the importance of sharing with our pupils and students. What is group work if not sharing of ideas? If we truly believe that there is value in sharing of ideas and knowledge, then it is up to us to model this behaviour by sharing our amongst ourselves.

I’ll be using a separate blog or more wikely, a wiki, for the purpose. Stay tuned for the URL and my first batch of lessons… and while you’re waiting, go and check out Dean Shareski’s entertaining rationale for sharing!

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