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SLF 2008 – Session 1

September 24, 2008

So we’re off! I managed to avoid my traditional “Miss-the-bus-have-to-grab-the-car” experience this morning and have arrived at the Scottish Learning Festival in plenty of time! My first session is from Craig Gibson and John Haughey: Let your PC reduce your marking load”.

St Ninian’s High School in East Dunbartonshire were made a School of Ambition and started a programme of developing and extending ICT use in the school. One interesting idea we could all use was the filming of good practice to share with colleagues. That’s my sort of school!

The school moved to Promethean boards, and started making extensive use of Activote. This has allowed teachers to pick up on the numbers of questions answered, accuracy and so forth. As a result, the school started looking for more software that could be used to extend this. Once they’d chosen programmes, cover was provided to allow for the development of training materials and CPD training for staff.

Content Generator

One of the first of these programmes was Content Generator. They have found this an easy to use programme with immediate improvements in attainment and attendance. The school attribute this to the improved and extended use of ICT in the school.

Next Step…

The school are now using the knowledge gained, and enhanced ICT skills of the staff and teachers, to move towards using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). They are using GlowLearn, the inbuilt VLE in Glow,
Content Generator has started to make their ‘games’ SCORM compliant. This allows them to be used within GlowLearn.

The feedback available is immediate to both staff, and more importantly, pupils.

Adobe Captivate

One of the pieces of software that has the greatest potential, is Adobe’s excellent Captivate programme. Many options for quizzes, and again, the benefit for instant feedback.

Captivate has also been used to very effectively to create tutorials for staff and pupils. (You should also check out Andrew Brown’s superb Stuck With ICT tutorials!)


One aspect that the school has adopted is the use of pupil surveys to get feedback on the work.

Crazy Talk

Crazy Talk looks like a lot of fun… allowing pupils to create animations. They showed a clever example using a photo of Martin Luther King + ‘I have a dream’ speech = Animated MLK!

They have also got some great animated lessons put together using Crazy Talk.

My Thoughts

This was a good “easing in” for the SLF… some cool tools, and some interesting uses of them, and a desire to go and try them for myself! What more do you want from a seminar!

(I’ll upload some pix later!)

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  1. September 26, 2008 3:55 pm

    Enjoyed Teachmeet and the whole SLF experience…
    My NING input was so rushed that I forgot to show my Animoto presentation
    Check it out here:
    Judging by the t-shirt you were wearing I think you’ll enjoy the music…
    PS. Do you know if anyone got some pics of me ? (I’m vain like that…)

  2. literacyadviser permalink
    September 26, 2008 8:23 pm

    Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar on Wikis at SLF. I’ve already persuaded one English teacher of many years’ experience to have a go! Also added you to my blogroll so please check out my own blog.
    Power to your elbow.
    Bill (the literacy adviser) Boyd

  3. November 17, 2008 4:40 pm


    I’m interested to see what you do with Crazy Talk.
    I’ve messed around with it myself but as there are sooo many other cool tools and software to explore….. there are never enough hours in a day!


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