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Glowing Frustration…

February 7, 2009

After the excitement of getting in to Glow on Monday, technical problems have helped highlight just how ‘on-the-edge’ the whole experience is.

Monday’s highs have been replaced by resignation to the realities of having access to Glow when technical problems strike. A series of connection problems have meant that internet access has been sporadic in school this week, so, rather than introducing my class to GlowChat and GlowMeet, we have mostly been looking at error screens. Hey ho!

Having said that, some of the class have already shown great resourcefulness and as a result, started to show other teachers in the school how useful Glow can be. A couple of the pupils are working on a joint presentation for Technical Studies and asked their teacher if they could log in to Glow so they could share their work. They’ve already twigged that the Document store is a useful, and secure, means of moving work from school to home and back. In doing so, they also impressed another couple of teachers who now want Glow access for themselves. Small steps, but a potent example of how Glow in action is the best advert for Glow there is…

I’m writing and adapting lessons on some Robert Frost poems for using in Glow as soon as the access issues are ironed out and I’ll be glad to share them here as soon as they’re ready! Onwards and upwards!

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  1. March 1, 2013 2:37 am

    “Glowing Frustration… | If You Don’t Like Change…” was in fact a great article. If it possessed more images it would likely be possibly even far better. Thanks -Xavier

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