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Dracula In Bite Sized Pieces (Sorry!)

May 5, 2009

Sorry for the rampant awfulness of the pun in the title to this post! Having said that, I’ll make it up to you by pointing you in the direction of a great idea…


CC: Ben Templesmith

Whitney Sorrow has started posting Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a blog which you can follow ‘as it happens’. Given that the original takes the form of a series of letters and diary entries, this is a great use of the blog form to help bring a ‘classic’ story to life (sorry). The good news is that it only started last Sunday so you can soon catch up. (I recommend adding it to your RSS reader).

As someone who has still to get round to reading the original, and whose only knowledge of the story comes from Christopher Lee and Gary Oldman, I am looking forward to seeing how the original develops (and no… I don’t want to know what happens!)

It might also be a great way of introducing your pupils to a) an acknowledged and highly influential book, b) RSS feeds, and c) blog commenting — Yes, the comments are open and already they are being used to discuss modern names of the places mentioned. Interactive reading!

You can find the blog at Dracula-Feed… Highly recommended!

Incidentally, I really like Ben Templesmith’s fantastic — in the true sense of the word — illustrations of the story… a real bonus find when I was looking for a suitable picture. Even better, they are available under a CC license — result!

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