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TeachMeet09 — Student Edition

June 8, 2009


David Muir of Jordanhill/Strathclyde University has a lot to answer for. Quite apart from the fact that he is a fellow Rush fan, he was also the first person to show me that flickr was more than just a photo sharing site. Ever since then, I’ve felt that I owed him, and tonight I’m hoping to return the favour!

David Muir

David Muir

It was at one of the very first ever TeachMeets (in Sept 2006) that I saw David demonstrating how to use notes on flickr. I was blown away by the whole TeachMeet concept. A group of teachers sharing real things that they’d tried in the classroom and having a laugh and a chance to socialise and compare notes and exchange URLs as well. The simplicity of the concept has scaled up incredibly well and for many, a TeachMeet is one of the real highlights of any education conference. Tonight, David has organised one for students and probationer teachers and I’ve volunteered to go along and talk about some of the things I do in the classroom.

The whole night has been organised in only 4 weeks… which is something others may wish to think about. If it is possible to get a TeachMeet organised so quickly and so easily (using a wiki to coordinate the whole thing), why is there not something similar attached to other meetings of teachers?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting up with some old friends, and hopefully making some new ones…

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