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All The Small Things

October 12, 2009

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

What is the point of Twitter? Well, quite apart from the connectedness and sense of community with my fellow educators, sometimes it just makes me feel good. Especially when it only requires a couple of clicks to know you are going to put a smile on someone else’s face…

On Friday night, I saw a tweet go by wanting to know how much milk was where I lived. I followed the link and found myself at the blog for Room 8 @ Melville Intermediate School who wanted to know:

…how much milk costs in your country or location, and then anything else about milk.

I checked with Mrs W, then posted a quick reply.  I also thought I’d see if I could do a little bit more to help the class with their project, so I retweeted the request… and within a matter of hours, there were 20 replies on the school blog from all around the world, including one from someone who only drinks soya milk.

I’ve just noticed that the blog has been updated to reflect the number of responses. As the class teacher says:

If you are someone whose left a comment, tweeted or re-tweeted the original request then thank you so much the students will absolutely love it!

So, ask me again why I like Twitter? It’s because it really does make the world a smaller place and it really does connect people… and I also like to hope that for one group of pupils, there is the realization that the world they live in is listening to them after all…

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  1. October 12, 2009 10:41 am

    I was fed up I coulnd’t join in this – I haven’t a clue what milk costs as I never buy it! Soya milk is over £1 a litre ….

    BTW – glad you brought back the blue header. 😉

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