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Consider The Awesome!

March 16, 2012

“You’ve got to come and see this, it’s awesome!”

With these words, my six year old son summoned me to the living room where he has been building levels for Little Big Planet 2. (Which, believe it or not, was partly bought with a view to using the cut-screen animations/movies to illustrate things for the classroom… honest!)

“What is it, Paul?” I asked.

“Look… Look…”

I looked, and in a rush of excitement, he told me…

“Someone liked my level! Look… 4 people have played it… One person didn’t like it. One person did. One person really liked it!”

And like that, I was reminded yet again of how much the world my son is growing into is different from the one I remember. He is six, and has an awareness of audience… indeed, he seeks out an audience for his ‘work’. He’s also planning a follow up level that will be better because he wants more ‘likes’.

Without being taught, he has learned that he needs to quality assure his levels, that it needs to have something to appeal to an audience, and that if he does a good job of it he will receive more positive feedback. Now, how do we translate those learning experiences into the classroom? Mmmmm….



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