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  • I am an English Teacher, writer and education speaker currently working in a large secondary school in the heart of Scotland. Until recently, I was Principal Teacher of English at a nearby school during which time our Higher English Pass Rate rose from 58% to 74%, with an 87% pass rate for S5 putting the school in NCD 1 for S5 Higher English passes.
  • Having had a long standing interest in the impact of ICT on Literacy in particular. I have returned to classroom teaching to allow me to devote time to carrying out a research project studying the impact of ICT on Literacy. This will be a long term research commitment and I will be announcing my supervising University partners soon.
  • I have spoken at school, Authority and National level on the impact of ICT on Literacy, and have been invited to speak at numerous conferences.
  • My most recent engagements include the delivery of a seminar on the Pedagogy of eLearning at Dundee University, and discussing the impact of YouTube on Literacy and Learning at a Google Teacher Summit in Glasgow.
  • I was appointed to the Scottish Government’s ICT Excellence in Education group where we have been planning the successor to Glow, Scotland’s national education inter/intranet.
  • Please contact me if you would be interested in having me speak to your school or organization about Social Media and education, Literacy and online learning, Added Value in English and Literacy using ICT, Online CPD, combatting plagiarism in the classroom, or any of the topics addressed in my blog. I would be delighted to discuss your needs and how I can help you.
  • My email is: scottishteacher [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Full contact details are here:
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